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I have been a passionate music educator for thirty years, including ten years as a public and private classroom music instructor, and more than ten years' experience overseeing a community music school. My experience teaching, playing professionally and working with so many wonderful colleagues have made me an advocate for equity in the arts, wanting high quality music education to be accessible to all students, regardless of income or background. I enjoy working with all types of students: 4 year-old beginners, older elementary students who started their cello education in school orchestra, advanced teenagers, and adult beginners as well as those just taking it up for the first time (it's never too late!).

I believe that all children can learn to play a musical instrument and develop their abilities to a very high level when provided excellent instruction and a nurturing environment that supports daily practice and a musical life. Music brings people together and transforms lives. The skills and sensibilities that are fostered through learning an instrument are carried into every other aspect of life! I love music and I love teaching, and I am honored to lead my students' musical journey and grow alongside them as I strive to make learning to play the cello accessible and pleasurable for everyone.

Because every student is unique, I meet each one where they are, with the emphasis being on the human in front of me: how can I engage them in the best way possible for them to engage with the cello, with music, and with the creative journey of becoming a musician.

I offer private and group lessons, and chamber music in my Bountiful home studio.

I am registered by the Suzuki Association of the Americas in all Suzuki cello teaching levels (Books 1-10) and continue my professional development out of my own curiosity and love of learning.

I have significant experience with the body awareness techniques of both the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais and this has deeply informed my own playing and teaching. I am skillful at helping students overcome unhealthy playing habits and learn to play with more ease and comfort.          415-706-1922

Serving Salt Lake City, Bountiful and all of Davis County Utah

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