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"Katherine’s love of the cello finds expression in both her playing and her deeply thoughtful and responsive approach to teaching.

When my daughter was still 3, I heard of a cello teacher who could engage with children while also attending to the development of solid technique. The cello has played into my daughter’s social, creative/expressive, and learning/processing development. Katherine is attentive to all of these.

Now 16, my daughter has been a happy and valued member of an orchestra since 2nd grade and consistently comfortable with public performance. As she grew, there was a natural need for renegotiation of various aspects of the Suzuki teacher-child-parent triad, and I found this to happen graciously."

Leslie B.

"It has been such a pleasure to work with Katherine and see how much progress my daughter has made....I've often talked about her to others and about how amazingly effective and fun she is as a teacher, and how impressed I am at how she's gotten Imogen to the next level."

Marie S.

"Katherine is remarkable to watch.  Her love for the cello and her love for her students’ success are merged into one beautiful and effective mentor–she knows precisely how to meet her students where they are, encourage them in excellence, listen to their feedback, respond to their shortcomings and guide them to perfection.  Watching her pull from her vast knowledge of child development and musical precision, she promptly responds and adjusts her mentoring each week to match what is needed, through a wide variety of tactile, aural, and visual means.  She has a very calming, clear, kind and warm presence about her, which makes for a welcoming lesson each week."

Stephanie M.

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Serving Salt Lake City, Bountiful and all of Davis County Utah

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