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In fall of 2021 my husband and I moved from the Bay Area in Northern California to Bountiful, Utah. Born and raised in Colorado, Utah feels like a return to home, with the seasons, the glorious mountains, and aspen trees! I perform in a cello quintet (we still need a name for our group!), Salt Lake Symphony, and in my spare time I have lots of gardening projects for our yard. I love listening to music (all kinds), spending time with friends and family, hiking, and working on art projects (painting furniture folk-art style, making jewelry and sewing). I am an avid non-fiction reader and I adore cats and dogs.
I have an undergrad degree in cello performance and a master's in music education with a
Kodaly emphasis, inspired by my Suzuki training and my desire to teach all students musicianship in an organic and engaging way, whatever their age. Check out my full professional bio here.
I reside in south Bountiful with my husband, jazz trombonist and vocalist Joe Escobar, and our two cats, Lucy and Ella.          415-706-1922

Serving Salt Lake City, Bountiful and all of Davis County Utah

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